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Keiretsu Forum Fuels Investment In Most Valued Companies and Rewards Most Active Investors

Cindi Sutera | Published on 11/30/2020

Three sessions, six weeks, 36 high-quality investment opportunities describes this year's Keiretsu Forum Investor Capital Expo. The virtual event attracted over 900 registered accredited investors from 50 angel groups, investors from 100+ Family Offices, corporate partners, and keynotes from leading experts. To date, featured companies have more than 2,000 indications of investment interest.

By all measures, it was a very successful Expo; for three investors, it was an exceptional Expo. To encourage constructive feedback to presenting companies, investors who submit their 'gold sheet' feedback forms for all three sessions were eligible to win a $25,000 investment in the Most Valued Company Special Purpose Vehicle. The winners were drawn at random and are: 


Paul Gianneschi, member of the Atlanta Chapter,

Ashley Hancock, member of the Atlanta Chapter, and

Brad Kollmyer, member of 1 month of the Vancouver Chapter

A Special Purpose Vehicle was created to invest in the companies selected by those investors in attendance as the Most Valued Company in each Expo Session. An investment of $25,000 has been placed in the name of each drawing winner and each of these companies will receive a $25,000 investment to kick-off their respective fundraising.

Keiretsu Forum members also participated in the SPV bringing the total invested in the 3 Most Valued Companies to a quarter million dollars. Soteria Battery Innovation Group offers an advanced, more optimized, and safer lithium-ion battery cell technology.

OtoNexus Medical Technologies has developed the world's first ultrasound hand-held device to evaluate the four disease states of middle ear infection.

Virion Therapeutics, which has developed cancer and other chronic infection treatments using targeted novel Tcell based immunotherapies that couple a checkpoint blockade with disease-specific antigen stimulation.