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Guest Policy

Keiretsu Forum Mid-Atlantic, SOUTH-EAST, & TEXAS Welcome & Encourage Guests

From Future Presenters To Private Equity Investors And Potential Sponsors

Guests are welcome and encouraged to attend our monthly Keiretsu Forum Mid-Atlantic, South-East, & Texas Region Forum Meetings. 


  1. Only those who are invited by a Keiretsu Forum member or team member may attend
  2. Guests must complete pre-registration before the meeting - registration closes at 11:00am on Monday mornings the week of the Forum Meeting
  3. Guests may attend no more than two meetings before applying for membership or submitting a request for their company to present


A guest is:

We also actively seek out college and university students interested in Entrepreneurship.


Because Keiretsu Forum Mid-Atlantic values everyone’s participation and each speaker’s time, we expect that our guests will stay for the entire meeting.

We also encourage “mind share,” discussions on the facilitated topics for mutual edification and expansion of each attendee’s personal opinions and ideas.

Cell Phones:
To support our meeting objectives, please turn off or mute your cell phone.

To ensure a positive experience for all, guests may not solicit presenting candidates and/or K4 members.  Anyone who violates this policy will be asked to leave the meeting immediately.

Business Cards:
We are a community of angel investors and innovative entrepreneurs with common passions, not another networking group.  We welcome information exchange in an atmosphere of discovery that builds community and connections, but please exercise discretion with business card distribution by waiting until you are asked.


Meeting Composition:
The overall Keiretsu Forum membership profile consists of:

  • 85% SEC-accredited individual private equity investors
  • 5% venture capital investors who are also accredited individual investors
  • 5% Sponsor organizations
  • 5% Partners

Forum Introductions:
During the Forum meetings, there are brief introductions and all attendees are given an opportunity to participate.  We suggest that you be prepared to deliver a brief 30-second vignette addressing your personal and business-related passions and goals.

We hope to see you at a Forum meeting soon! Reference our Calendar of Events for one that’s convenient for you.