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keiretsu forum academy – 2020 




Wednesday, August 12, 2020 - 8:30-10:30 am  & 1:30-3:30 pm
Secure Online Session

this program is offered to members, SPONSORS,
PARTNERS, Due Diligence fellows &
accredited investor guests ONLY

Keiretsu Forum Mid-Atlantic & South-East members see some of the greatest deal flow in the angel investing ecosystem.  Having 32 chapters in North America holding monthly meetings generates investment opportunities that are unsurpassed in the investment community.  While famous for our rigorous process and due diligence our amazing track record is due to the fact that our members invest countless hours into the investment process utilizing K4 "Mind Share" to vet the best deals we see.  In order to be effective we all have to understand the investment process that leads to building great portfolios and this program is one of the early stepping stones to building that knowledge base.  In this Investor Workshop we will unlock the mystery behind many of the fundamental requirements of making sound angel investments.

Some of the topics we plan to cover include:  

  • An introduction to the angel investing process
  • Show me the Money! - It's all about Return on Investments
  • The art and science of pre-money valuations 
  • Due Diligence – no stone unturned
  • Investment Packages and Term Sheets
  • Tax advantages for angel investors
  • The role of angel investment groups


This program is limited to Keiretsu Forum Members (Mid-Atlantic and South-East Region members have preference), Sponsors, Partners, Due Diligence Fellows and accredited investor guests who pre-register before the Monday, August 10 deadline.  There are just 40 seats available for each session so register now to save a seat.  If you are an accredited investor and would like attend this workshop please register now by clicking the Contact Us button at the top of the page, complete the form and indicate which session you would prefer.  Please also provide us with Your Company name, Your Title, and City Location.  This workshop will sell out - we will place wait list attendees in the queue first-come first-served.  This workshop will be video captured and made available to qualified individuals who could not attend. 


“The Angel Capital Expo provided INDIGO with a national forum to present the value of the Company.   As the 2017 Stephen M. Goodman Most Valued Company Award recipient, INDIGO secured over $600,000 in investments from Keiretsu Mid-Atlantic and  other angels which attended the event.  The Company surpassed its capital fundraise target because of the Angel Capital Expo!”  Fred Marroni, CEO INDIGO Biosciences