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As a young Philadelphia lawyer in 1969 Steve Goodman began representing emerging companies.  At that time, law firms and the banking industry largely dismissed the start-up sector.  Mr. Goodman believed in encouraging entrepreneurs and the importance of developing innovation.  He understood that economic growth and innovation in the Mid-Atlantic region would be accelerated by fostering early-stage businesses.  He is credited with creating the Emerging Growth law practice segment on the East Coast.  Everyone in the private equity space up and down the East Coast was aware of Steve's enormous contribution to the space from seed-stage investors to Safeguard Scientifics, the largest VC firm in the area. 

Over the course of his amazing career at Morgan Lewis leading to the creation of countless new business ventures, Mr. Goodman was nicknamed the 
Godfather of Philadelphia Startups.  Keiretsu Forum Mid-Atlantic is honored to have received Steve's permission to use his name as part of this prestigious annual award and it is in the spirit of Steve’s vision and keen skills with emerging businesses that Keiretsu Forum Mid-Atlantic will continue to honor his legacy.   Steve passed away on March 2, 2018 leaving a void in the ecosystem that will likely never be filled. 




Back in 2011 when we created the Philadelphia Chapter of Keiretsu Forum Mid-Atlantic we met with Steve to discuss the Keiretsu model and process and asked for his advice and insight on how to best present this new angel investing model to the region.  Steve immediately pointed out the obvious advantage of having a national footprint for syndication and collaboration as well as the advantage of addressing the later stage A & B round opportunities, a market segment that was not being fully addressed at the time.  He offered us his best wishes and his support in bringing K4-MA to Philadelphia.    


On October 16-18, 2024, Keiretsu Forum Mid-Atlantic, South-East, & Texas will host their 12th Annual Investor Capital Expo online to a nationwide audience of accredited investors.   The Investor Capital Expo provides a unique format for invited investors and breakthrough startups to converge in meaningful conversations, education, and exchange.  Up to twelve presentations from Series A-B Round entrepreneurs will be evaluated by 250+ accredited angel investors, venture capital professionals, partners, and sponsors.  The accredited investors attending the Expo will vote for and select the 2022 Stephen M. Goodman Most Valued Company Award winner.


2023:  The Stephen M. Goodman Most Valued Company Award went to Philadelphia based Seneca Therapeutics.  Seneca has been an active Keiretsu portfolio company for 6+ years.

Second place was awarded to OtoNexus out of Seattle and an 8+ year portfolio company.

Third place was awarded to a new Keiretsu Forum portfolio company Zirconia

Previous Winners: