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We accept company checks, wire transfers or PayPal. 

You can mail your check to us here:  Keiretsu Forum Mid-Atlantic (or South-East)
1150 First Avenue, Suite 310, King of Prussia, PA 19406-1334

To wire your payment to us use the following account information:    
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.  420 Montgomery, San Francisco, CA 94104
Routing #: 121000248       K4-MA Account #:  267 081 2854    K4-SE Account #:  267 092 0582

We also accept payments via PayPal.  Click the button below to access our PayPal account, where you can use any accepted form of payment to pay Keiretsu Forum Mid-Atlantic & Keiretsu Forum South-East fees.  We take your financial security very seriously - that’s why we offer this PayPal link as a way to provide you with a completely secure and private payment solution.  You do not need a PayPal account to use the service to pay by credit card.  If you decide to use PayPal there is a 3% service fee that you will need to add to the administrative fee.   The service fee is $180 in Mid-Atlantic and $90 in the South-East - please consider mailing us a check (free) or doing a wire transfer ($15-20) to save the fee.  

Entrepreneurs: If, for any reason, you miss your scheduled Forum meeting presentation dates, or unforeseen circumstances force you to cancel your scheduled presentations, you hereby understand and agree that this fee is non-refundable — unless we are able to identify and substitute an appropriate and qualified alternate company to fill your scheduled Forum meeting presentation dates.  Our goal is to work to provide the best possible presentation experience and we understand that "stuff happens."  Please let Chuck Carter know as soon as possible if you anticipate having to delay your presentations with us so that we can work to bring in a replacement.