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Published on 1/7/2020

COLLEGE PARK, Md., Dec. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — gel-e, Inc., announced today that the Company has changed its name to Medcura. The corporate name change is effective immediately for the clinical-stage medical device company, developing advanced hemostats and wound treatments.

"Renaming the company to Medcura more clearly represents and describes our broad platform approach to rapid and reliable bleeding management," said Larry Tiffany, Chief Executive Officer. "At Medcura, we've developed a versatile portfolio of bleeding management solutions that can elevate the standard of care. By designing proprietary modifications to abundant, natural and biocompatible polymers, we've consistently been able to develop materials that can provide safe and decisive clotting for consumer, clinical, surgical and military markets."

With the corporate name change, Medcura plans to maintain the gel-e brand as an apt descriptor for its core technology. "This is an important distinction, as our gel-e platform is the technological backbone (see for all of the products and materials that have been FDA cleared or are under development," said Dr. Matthew Dowling, Medcura's Chief Scientific Officer. "By using gel-e as a foundational starting point for our product line, we have the freedom to build new formulations that leverage the significant and growing body of safety and efficacy results that have supported successful regulatory submissions and peer-reviewed publications (see"     

Medcura continues to build on its previous success (see, recently expanding its consumer products label to include antibacterial barriers
(see while a first internal use product was designated as a "Breakthrough Device" (see As the company expanded its label:

  • Our first FDA cleared product was successfully evaluated in the clinic on anticoagulated patients, dramatically reducing the time to hemostasis v. the current clinical standard;
  • Results were published from a surgical implantation study (see demonstrating the hemostatic performance and rapid reabsorption of flowable candidates that did not require the addition of fibrin or thrombin to achieve efficacy;
  • Military formulations of gel-, have met the challenging endpoints required of the severe internal bleeding models required by the US Military; and
  • Scaled cGMP manufacture has been put in place for multiple FDA cleared products.

The Company is also evaluating co-development opportunities with some of the world's largest healthcare companies where our advanced materials can be coated or infused into market-leading products to improve their performance, particularly in bleeding environments where the patient's own clotting ability is compromised.

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About the Company

Medcura is a clinical-stage medical device company developing versatile hemostatic products for surgical, medical, and consumer applications. The Company combines the use of safe, inert ingredients with proprietary chemistry across a broad spectrum of clinical applications, with our Breakthrough device, Life Foam, now leading the expansion into internal and surgical procedures.