PittMoss Soil Mix Improves Expression of Cannabinoid for Commercial Grower

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Portfolio company, Pittmoss, was lauded recently in Cannabis Business Times.  Mr. Pinkham, a commercial grower, applies his 40 years of horticulture experience to growing medical marijuana and he immediately liked the results of using PittMoss soil mixes. 

Pinkham, who holds a degree in plant and soil science from the University of Maine, discovered PittMoss’ products at an industry trade show and was drawn to the sustainability of using recycled paper in growing media. He also suspected the living soil mixes would allow cannabis plants to better express their cannabinoid (CBD) and terpene profiles as compared to artificial mixes.

Pinkham operates Pinkham's Plantation Garden and Landscape Center, 12,000 square feet of greenhouse growing space in Damariscotta, Maine. The company grows about 1,000 square feet of cannabis outdoors, as well as 1,400 square feet indoors.

He found that using PittMoss improved the plant characteristics and CBD /terpene content.  CBD and terpenes are the essential oils in cannabis that are believed to hold numerous medical benefits.  Proponents of CBD oils report gains achieved to manage depression, inflammation, and even seizures.  Scientific studies conducted internationally have shown that the chemical structure of terpenes affects receptors and neurotransmitters in the brain in a similar way to the effects of a pharmaceutical antidepressant.

Although the industry for medical cannabis and related products is in a nascent stage, it is an exciting development that commercial growers are discussing the benefits of PittMoss soil mixes. 

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