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Announcing the Launch of UrbanLuxe Homes

We’re proud to announce that Portland Development Group Investments is migrating to a new brand name: UrbanLuxe Homes. Thanks to the trust and support of buyers, sellers and investors, we’re bringing all the success we’ve enjoyed in Portland to the rest of America.

“UrbanLuxe seeks properties from America’s most desirable neighborhoods, not only transforming them into rewarding investments, but homes you will enjoy for a lifetime,” says Mike Hubbell, Founder and Managing Member of UrbanLuxe Homes. “UrbanLuxe constructs new houses and revitalizes older properties, making them available to a new generation of buyers who care about luxury, wellness and quality of life.”

Mike Hubbell UrbanLuxe Homes

Mike Hubbell, Founder & Managing Member, UrbanLuxe Homes

UrbanLuxe Homes will focus on investing and developing luxury real estate, new construction and investment properties all across the United States.

All of our homes, whether new, custom-built or remodeled, focus on luxury. UrbanLuxe combines the finest fixtures and building materials, a keen sense of design and style, and a commitment to careful craftsmanship. Everything we do is focused on creating stunning and unique homes that will stand the test of time.

UrbanLuxe is about more than building beautiful luxury homes. Our company travels all over the country to identify the most livable and desirable neighborhoods. UrbanLuxe’s homes are always located in neighborhoods with high walkability scores and leafy greenways. We seek out properties that are near good schools, fantastic supermarkets and community amenities.

“Quality of life and a sense of community are important,” says Hubbell. “People want to be able to walk to the store, ride bikes with their kids to school, or just head out for a quick coffee at a friendly neighborhood cafe. Part of luxury means being able to live life to the fullest.”

UrbanLuxe is also attractive for investors, who can not only enjoy higher rates of return, but also predictability, security and regular communication with our company.

“UrbanLuxe is a fully vertically-integrated home builder. Many builders have little to no control over the value chain, but we do,” says Hubbell. “There is no outsourcing, so UrbanLuxe exercises total control over quality and costs every step of the way.”

The UrbanLuxe acquisitions team performs due-diligence, and the architecture and production teams then prepare specifications tailored for luxury real estate buyers. Acting as its own general contractor, our construction team builds the home throughout the entire duration of each project.ur

“This means more profits go to investors, while every penny of a build or renovation can be devoted to creating a true luxury home,” says Hubbell.

Our new UrbanLuxe Homes brand was launched at the 27th bi-annual Keiretsu Forum Angel Capital Expo in San Francisco on November 15, 2018, in conjunction with the unveiling of our newest fund, UrbanLuxe Living Fund I, LLC.

“UrbanLuxe will give you the personalized attention and experience that you deserve so you can find the home of your dreams,” says Mike Hubbell. “What was once a local family is now a global community, and we always seek like-minded individuals that share our passion for scaling impact and delivering products that exemplify the high integrity and sophistication of our customers.”

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